How to protect your cryptocurrency assets with YoMix?

Today the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions is ensured by unique Bitcoin tumblers. These platforms significantly complicate the tracking of cryptocurrency transactions in the blockchain network and ideally, make it impossible. So, how to run your transactions via YoMix?

Bitcoin tumblers for blockchain transactions

The functioning of the cryptocurrency is based on constructing a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information about transactions. In most cases, blockchains are stored independently of each other. This technology is called blockchain. Blockchain, a digital distributed ledger of economic transactions, can be used for financial transactions and almost everything with value. The blockchain uses encryption, which only allows changes to parts of the blockchain that users own. But today, it is not enough to conduct secure transactions with Bitcoins; therefore, Bitcoin tumbler like YoMix is in great demand.

How does YoMix work?

YoMix is a service that allows you to conduct more than 100 transactions per month, with automatic exchange and a guarantee of anonymity. Clearing bitcoins is possible both with registration and without. At the same time, creating an account gives the buyer several advantages in the form of additional control during the exchange of money and the opportunity to receive discounts on the loyalty program.

The main YoMix features are:

  • operation of the platform in a hidden Internet network;
  • random fee for cleaning coins;
  • the ability to set a transaction delay of up to 99 hours;
  • you can specify up to 10 addresses for receiving payments;
  • 2FA connection available;
  • a registered buyer receives a commission discount of 0.5% less (0.5-2.5%).

A distinctive feature of this service is high-quality technical support. For example, if a couple of hours after the completion of the operation, the balance has not been updated, you can contact it and count on the prompt adoption of the necessary measures.

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